PPE Drive – We Did It!

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Our very first PPE drive is not just 100% funded, but 104% funded! We want to thank all of the alumni for their donations. Through your donation, we will be providing East Teachers and staff:

  • 1,100 pairs of small gloves
  • 2,000 pairs of medium gloves
  • 1,000 pairs of large gloves
  • 4,172 disinfectant wipes
  • 126 hand sanitizer bottles
  • 15.5 gallons of hand sanitizer re-fill bottles
  • 4,210 masks

The Alumni Association Board is collecting all donations, and will be dropping off the PPE donations at East Tech later this week. Photos will be posted on the FB group and Instagram.

Thank You To Our PPE Drive Donors

Paulo, Class of 2012Casey, Class of 2014Hailey, Class of 2014
April, Class of 2012Andre, Class of 2019Amber, Class of 2016
Nicky, Class of 2012Randy, Class of 2012Linda, Class of 2016
Perla, Class of 2015Juleus, Class of 2012Princess, Class of 2013
GuadalupeKaren, Class of 2015Alex, Class of 2016
Alondra, Class of 2016Viridiana, Class of 2012Eileen, Class of 2018
Dennis, Class of 2013Lexus, Class of 2016
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