Need help or services? Look no further to a fellow alumni! If you’re an alumni and want to have your business showcased, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] to be added to this page.

  • Elite Engineering & Construction
    Alumni Contact: Denisse Aiello


  • Jonathan Moreno
    (702) 619 - 1841


  • Wardley Real Estate
    Alumni Contact: Prezell Singson

    Wardley Real Estate_AlexzandriaSingson

  • Herma Graphix
    Alumni Contact: Carlos Hernandez


  • Mendoza's Junk Removal Service
    Alumni Contact: Alex Mendoza

    Junk Removal Alex Mendoza

  • Mortgage | Life Insurance | Retirement Funds
    Alumni Contact: Brandee-Lyn Villaruel

    Insurance Retirement Brandee-Lyn Villaruel

  • Business Security
    Alumni Contact: Khrystal Johnson

    Business Security Khrystal Johnson

  • Business Sales
    Alumni Contact: Priyanka David

    Business Sales Priyanka David