Since the founding of the school in 2011, many graduating classes have gone through East Tech, a unique school full of teachers and faculty that has made a difference in every student’s journey as a Titan. After several years, the Alumni Association was formed geared towards connecting alumni, continuing to build an alumni network, and figuring out ways to give back to East Tech.

Your Donation Goes To:

Become an official non-profit organization

Becoming a registered non-profit organization opens more resources for the Alumni association for grants and tools for operations.

Increasing More Student Scholarships

Providing more scholarships funded by Alumni for graduating seniors. These scholarships are opportunities to give financial assistance.

Essential Programs for Everyone

Creating essentials resources/programs to support faculty, students, and alumni.

Latest Alumni Updates

PPE Drive – We Did It!

Our very first PPE drive is not just 100% funded, but 104% funded! We want to thank all of the alumni for their donations. Through your donation, we will be providing East

Top 3 Reasons Why We’re Forming An Alumni Association (Simpsons Version)

HEY ALUMNI! Many of you have heard an Alumni Association for college, but for a high school? Is that common? Not really! And-most Alumni Associations for high schools are  just

Class of 2020 Parade

Senior year: a time to reflect on your years in school, a time to celebrate an incredible milestone, and a time to prepare for whatever lies ahead in life. If

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