The Reality of Greek Life

Graduated from the class of 2012 in the Marketing & Hospitality Program.

From the outside looking in, the most common stereotypes thrown at us are: we party too much, we only care about ourselves, we don’t branch our beyond our social circle, we have to be a certain way to be part of it and fit in, just to name a few.

It’s undeniable that the Greek community has a negative stigma but the truth is, sometimes you need to experience something before you can understand it. The reality of Greek Life is:


It would be false to say that partying does not occur, but Greek Life is a huge time commitment and not for the reasons you think. All organizations hold different events on campus that are meant to raise awareness for specific causes, there are GPA standards to meet, and we do our best to give back to the university and community. Although it seems as if it’s all about fun, we do a lot to make a difference in our university.


Just like any club, there is a set amount of dues that must be paid by each sorority or fraternity member. Most people like to assume that you are “buying” your friends. But the money goes towards everything you get to experience with each other. All sororities and fraternities require money to function. That money is used for events that you, your organization and the community participate in. The money you spend is money you get back with events you host, brotherhood or sisterhoods to bond with each other and plenty more. Most will say that being part of Greek life is like having a huge family. You meet so many people that become a huge part of your life and they become the people you trust, lean on in a way that can’t be explained. The bonds you create and the experiences you have with each other are some of the most memorable things of my college career.


Not only do you get to create bonds that will last a lifetime, but you get opportunities to meet people from other sororities and fraternities that you can form a bond with, some of which can help you in your future professional endeavors. You’ll be surprised how many people you’ll meet that are interested in the same career path as you, some of whom are successful college alumna and are already in their careers who help and give you guidance if you’re still figuring out your path in college.


The best part about being part of Greek life is the diversity. Every organization has different values and traditions but at the end of the day, we all come together, respect and support one another. You do not need to mold yourself to be a certain way to fit in; you will find one that fits you best. Throughout a recruitment process, you get to meet every organization and see which one fits you best. So if you’re curious, there are over 20 Greek organizations on campus that are willing to get to know you and share who they are.
5.Being part of a sorority or fraternity brings growth and development
All organizations foster leadership and growth in each of the members. I joined a sorority in 2013, not confident and shy. With the help of each of my sisters, I accomplished being Secretary, Recruitment Chair, Vice President of the Multicultural Greek Council, and Vice President and President of my sorority. Being in an organization gives you opportunities to hold many leadership positions to better yourself.

I don’t think I would’ve became the woman I am today without being surrounded by the right group of individuals to support and empower me. There are so many good things about joining a sorority or fraternity, but my favorite is the person you become when you leave college and head into a new life chapter.

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