Sometimes Life Doesn’t Go as Planned

Graduated from the class of 2012 in the Marketing & Hospitality Program.

You will be presented with many opportunities that may not align with your already drawn out plan, but that does not mean you shouldn’t consider them. Experience is the key to any career and can be your foot in a door you would have never thought of opening on your own.


I had two Marketing internships before I landed a full-time job with MGM Resorts International. My first internship dealt with traditional and print marketing, a field I thought I always wanted to work in. After my first internship, I was presented with an opportunity to work with the digital marketing team, a field I never considered myself working in. To my surprise, I learned that I enjoyed digital marketing more than traditional marketing. The second internship really opened my eyes to a new branch of marketing I had not considered before. I gained valuable experience in reporting, analytics, and most importantly in Microsoft Excel. Thanks to my second internship, I was able to make another transition from digital marketing to marketing reporting. My current position allows me to utilize all the skills I have gained in my past internships and is also teaching me valuable technical skills. I’m in the position I am in now because I took a risk on learning something new and keeping my options open.


1. Its ok to veer off the plan you have drawn out for yourself
2. Experience and knowledge are the keys to any successful career
3. Options are a good thing to have and to take advantage of
4. Don’t let pride or ego get in the way of your personal or professional growth
5. Learn as much as you can at all times possible


Marketing is such a broad field with so many different areas it is easy to latch onto to something and run with it, but it is important to learn as much as possible and take opportunities when they are presented to you. It can be hard to take a chance on something that may not align with your plans, but it will not be a waste of time. The opportunity to learn and gain experience are opportunities worth taking, you may discover later on that it was the best decision could have made.

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