From Nothing to Building a Cause: The Journey of a Social Advocate

Graduated from the class of 2017 in the CNA Program.

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Every remarkable movement and every transformative cause, begins with a single person who dares to dream and take action. Starting from nothing and building a cause is an arduous yet rewarding path that many passionate individuals embark upon. In this article, I want to share key points crucial to this journey and share my journey in becoming a social advocate.

Have the Right People to Support You and Your Cause:

Building a cause from scratch requires a strong support network. Seek out individuals who share your vision, values, and commitment to social change. These allies can be friends, family members, mentors, or even strangers who connect with your cause. Surrounding yourself with like-minded people creates an ecosystem of support, encouragement, and collaboration. Together, you can inspire and uplift one another, providing the strength to overcome obstacles and propel your cause forward.

Back at East Tech, one of the teacher’s I’ve known to help become an advocate for my success was Mrs. Rawson. When I was struggling to apply for college and find financial aid opportunities, she was always there to support me and show me that everything is possible. I have been inspired since then to help advocate for students within higher education and serve as a resource for them.

Find and Join Like-Minded People:

As a social advocate, your cause gains momentum when you connect with others who share your passion. Engage in networking events, conferences, or online communities focused on causes aligned with yours. These platforms offer opportunities to meet individuals who have faced similar challenges and have valuable experiences to share. By collaborating with like-minded people, you can amplify your impact, expand your reach, and build a strong community united by a common purpose.

Persevere When Things Get Tough or Stagnant:

The journey of a social advocate is often filled with hurdles and moments of stagnation (i.e the feeling of nothing moving forward). It is during these times that perseverance becomes the catalyst for progress. Understand that setbacks and challenges are an integral part of the process. Use these moments as opportunities for growth, learning, and innovation. Draw strength from your initial motivation and remind yourself of the positive change you aim to bring about. Adjust your strategies, seek guidance from mentors, and remain steadfast in your commitment. Remember that every great cause faced obstacles, and your determination will ultimately shape your success.

Starting from nothing to build a cause as a social advocate is a transformative journey that requires dedication, resilience, and a supportive community. Surrounding yourself with the right people who share your vision, finding and joining like-minded individuals, and persevering through tough and stagnant times are key factors that contribute to your success. Embrace the challenges, learn from setbacks, and celebrate small victories along the way. By standing up for what you believe in and inspiring others to join your cause, you have the power to create lasting change and make a meaningful impact on the world.

The work I currently do is setting up the foundation to support future generations of students. Our journeys are always changing and evolving and I hope the experiences and pieces of advice I shared help shape your social advocacy in the future.

Good luck Titans!

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