Hi East Tech Community

The East Tech Alumni Association is sending holiday teacher care packages in appreciation of their work to continue to educate during these stressful times.


We need your support to fully fund the 95 holiday packages we plan to assemble and provide to East Tech teachers by January 15th, 2020. All donors will be listed in the specialized thank-you cards included in each package.

2021/01/15 23:59:59

Thank You To Our Alumni Donors

Thank you to the following alumni who sponsored a Holiday Teacher Care Package(s) since Friday, January 15th, 2021.

April, Class of 2012 Nicky, Class of 2012 Randy, Class of 2012 Audrey, Class of 2014
Mylenee, Class of 2017 Alexander, Class of 2015 Matthew, Class of 2013 Kevin, Class of 2012
Stacie, Class of 2011 Annie, Class of 2013 Casey, Class of 2014 Travis, Class of 2013
Pauline, Class of 2013 Juleus, Class of 2012 Christopher, Class of 2018 Michelle, Class of 2016
Denisse, Class of 2014 Sarah, Class of 2011 Layla, Class of 2013 Amber, Class of 2016
Jewelee, Class of 2011 Brooke, Class of 2013 Carla, Class of 2013 Alexzza, Class of 2014
Natalie, Class of 2012 Alexander, Class of 2015 Karen, Class of 2016