Class of 2020 Senior Parade

Senior year: a time to reflect on your years in school, a time to celebrate an incredible milestone, and a time to prepare for whatever lies ahead in life. If only senior year was this simple for the Class of 2020. With a mere couple of months left of the school year, life became different. Pretty much everything came to a halt when news of the virus got worse and worse. School was no exception, but in my opinion, the graduating seniors received the brunt of it. With the cancellation of the rest of their school year, including prom and graduation, something still had to be done to celebrate their milestone.

Titan Senior Farewell-5/8/2020

Thank you to our amazing class of 2020 graduates, staff, and families for making our first-ever Senior Farewell Parade a great celebration and memorable event. Class of 2020, we are so very proud of you and we 💕YOU!! You are more than deserving of a graduation celebration and we will honor you, your families, and your accomplishments in one way or another. Once we receive approval from CCSD regarding our graduation plan, we will share more specific information with our Seniors and families. 🎓

Posted by East Career & Technical Academy on Saturday, May 23, 2020

         A parade was scheduled for the Class of 2020 on May 8th, but honestly, I had no idea what to expect. I couldn’t imagine what a senior would be going through in these times, but I knew I wanted to attend. I wanted to be there to celebrate with them, and to show them that people still cared for them. For the most part, I was directing the traffic into the school lot, but I was still able to show my support for the seniors. What surprised me the most about the parade were the reactions and faces of the seniors along the route. Yes, senior year is all about prom and graduating, but with them being cancelled, the faces of all these seniors were still filled with gratitude and optimism. Overall, the seniors were in good spirits, and they were able to receive the recognition they deserved. For such a bittersweet event, it was an experience I will never forget, but something I hope no other senior will have to go through again.

Juleus Ramiro

Graduated from the class of 2012 in the Culinary Program.

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